If you are interested in automating reporting processes using our applications, please contact us and we will prepare a dedicated offer.

Our applications, enabling the creation of various financial statements, give the opportunity to flexibly adapt to different data schemes. To this end, we provide advanced mechanisms to download source data from various client systems (so-called back office) and process them to the form required by the supervisor.

Depending on the internal solutions adopted by the customer, the source data may derive from one or many independent systems (data warehouses, transactional systems, sales systems, etc.). Therefore, in order to prepare the final financial statement, it could be necessary to combine data before further processing or to perform appropriate transformations.

If you wish to get an offer for automation adapted to your current status, please contact:

tel: +48 502 404 708
tel: +48 695 711 771

If you want to find out more, see the details of our offer or make an applicable customer presentation of the system, we invite you to contact us

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