aSISt is a modular reporting system that allows to prepare mandatory reports for the Supervisor. The use of additional modules enables individual adjustment to the Customer’s needs. On top of that, aSISt is an “off-the-shelf” system, and therefore it is very easy in installation, without the need for technical assistance from the supplier and ready for free trial before the purchase.

The modular design of aSISt allows to flexibly shape the system configuration in terms of the number of users who will work with the application, the functionality of the reporting system based on XBRL taxonomy and the scope of supported reports.


aSISt BASIC is the basic desktop version of the aSISt reporting application. It is selected by users who are looking for a tool for visual reconciliation of reports.

This variant is available “off the shelf”, which gives the opportunity to use the product immediately after receiving the license, without the need to implement and integrate systems. aSISt BASIC has a broad range of data import and export formats, i.e. XBRL, CSV or XLSX. This version has a built-in XBRL validator and XBRL formula, and contains a package of reports in line with the European ITS standard.


aSISt STANDARD is an extension of the BASIC package that allows for automation of reporting data supply, which will significantly enhance the work of the reporting team. Implementation of the application focuses on fitting it into the client’s existing infrastructure “as is”, i.e. without any need for modification. This option is dedicated to users seeking an effective reporting system. It permits the work of many users simultaneously. Thanks to the data automation module, it enables data integration (aS-DataCalc) and efficient data mapping. This version allows users to access the generated reports using a web browser.


aSISt AUTOMATED is the richest aSISt package that allows to increase the efficiency of reporting processes by automating them and reducing the role of users to standardize and reconcile reports.

It is equipped with a module for reporting processes automation – aS-WorkFlow that allows to run processes without user interaction (download, aggregation and calculation of reports). Reporting processes are started automatically using the web-services component in the processing chain as an extension of the “end of day”, “end of month” procedures or through a work-flow corporate system.

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